Humans and the Natural Environment

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  • Published : February 14, 2012
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Humans and the Natural Environment
Since the beginning of human life, species have been interacting with the environment. From the slow beginnings in which hunter-gatherer societies would sometimes spend weeks searching for enough food, to the discovery of agriculture and the domestication of animals, to modern day technologies that have made farming a multi-billion dollar industry, agriculture has completely changed and improved the quality of life in societies all over the world. Before agriculture, homo sapiens lived a life in which there was a constant struggle for survival. Nothing was ever certain as far as food and shelter went. These people carried very little possessions and would spend their whole lives continually working all day, every day. Natural resources were often the deciding factor in where the tribe would decide to settle for a period of time. Overall, the life of these early ancestors was a great deal of work with minimal benefits. Something needed to change. Humans have always interacted with the natural environment in order to survive. Technology has changed how humans interact with the environment and their effect on the natural environment itself. Before individual societies discovered agriculture and the advantages it provided, our ancestors relied solely on the natural resources provided within the area they settled. This caused problems because sometimes the resources were so scarce that tribes may starve, freeze to death, or develop diseases that could not be cured. This was a problem because the tribes could only hope there would be enough natural resources to last them a substantial amount of time. This is why the emergence of agriculture was so important in progressing as a species. Although the amount and condition of the natural resources in areas all around the world was left to chance, there were some societies that used these resources more effectively than others. A perfect example of a culture that used its natural...
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