Humans Adapted

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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What are some specific ways that we humans have adapted to the physical environment in which we live in? Such as plate tectonics, weathering and erosion, and the form of precipitation. How do/can we adapt to nature and its disaster? PLATE TECTONICS:

Plate tectonics causes earthquakes, which are one of the things that we have to adapt to. Earthquakes are powerful and each time it strikes it separated the land. So over time we as humans have created strategies. To keep us safe and how to remain calm as the earthquakes are coming our way. One thing we do is that we now have a machine called the seismography, that lets us know how strong the earthquake is, when it’s coming and where it’s going to hit. We have also learned how to make our homes stronger and durable, so that it will not be easy for the earthquake to take it down; California is one of those examples. PRECIPITATION:

Rain, sleet, hail, and snow are all examples of precipitation. Rain creates floods, it can be very dangerous depending on how much rain we falls down. We have learned how to adapt to the floods. Such as creating drain pipes so the water can go in the sewer so that the flood want create big damages but the drain pipes don’t always work. Sleet is like watery snow and if enough hit the ground and its cold outside then it can turn hard and make the grounds slippery. So we have learned that salt can unfreeze the roads and make it safe to drive on. Hail is small, sometimes big, balls of hard ice falling out of the sky. It can be dangerous and maybe even deadly if the hail is big and it hits you in the right place. We have learn just to not go out when the hail is hard, and to make sure that you are in a builder or house that can protect you if you are out and not protected.

As life goes on we will always find more ways to keep our family and ourselves safe from nature’s disasters. Creating more machines and even more knowledge for years to come.
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