Humanity in the Image of God

Topics: God, Adam and Eve, Bible Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Marquis Robinson
Professor Max Botner
THEO 451 Christian Theology
11 October 2012

Humanity in the Image of God

Humans are imperfect creatures, but we were born in the image of God. Understanding how humans are born into sin and created in God’s image is a complex situation. Is being born in God’s image a physical meaning or something that takes place in the spirit? If created from God spiritually then do people with unbalanced minds and are vindictive and destructive an image of God? If physically then do humans with birth defects an illustration of God? Is being in Gods image a literal meaning for perfection and being pure? God tells us in the bible that we were created in his image but does his image come with flaws? Proclaiming that humans are created in the image of God could mean that in the attributes of human nature which lets God to be made demonstrated in humans. Humans are conscious of being apart of God’s plans and knows how important to be specially made in the

image of the most high. Humans are different from every other creature in the world. The thought process of humans and the way we reflect separates us from other creatures. Our quick decision making and self reflective nature disconnects us from other creatures and gives us our uniqueness. Although humans were created in God’s image, God the creator gave the first true humans (Adam & Eve) a free will to reject the relationship with the creator and withdrawal from his works as it shows us in Genesis (The Fall of Adam & Eve). The example in Genesis of Adam & Eve shows that by rejecting their spiritual and moral representation to God comes with consequences but God will still be on your side. Humanity in the image of God simply means that man was made to resemble God. Just like Adam all humans don’t have the same flesh and blood but, having the same spirit of God. In John 4:24 “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in...
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