Topics: Human, Thought, Determinism Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: November 25, 2012
"Am I Free or Determined?"
Since I learn to understand the world I always believe in two saying that, “everything happens for a reason’ and “never compunction the past because it made you who you are today”. I have felt that these statements have always been supportive and positive in my life. After studying determinism, these statements seem to epitomize the theory of cause and effects. Determinism is the doctrine that all events, including human choice and decisions, are necessarily determined by motives, which are regarded as external forces acting on the will. The opposing theory is libertarianism and is an older encouragement than its rival. Libertarians view that at least some human actions are free and depending on the situations people can exercise their free will. William James an American philosopher and psychologist, defends a moderately reasonable style of libertarianism. He has faith in free will and entitlements we are free whenever we have a genuine choice. I find Mr. James analysis of determinism in Melanie Chaparian’s, “Am I free or determined?” to be substantial in the sense that libertarianism must be contemporary in the human condition but I found his theory a lot more flexible than the declarations by determinism. Libertarianism is more complex because it looks into the human thought process than a simple excuse such as, there is no free will because everything is pre-determined, which takes away any responsibility human should have for their activities. Libertarianism includes the principle of free will, therefore stating that we always have the power to choose our actions, regardless of the situations. Free will is the opposite of determined; this is the key hurdle among Libertarianism and Determinism. In James defense of free will, he argues that we can choose between possible actions and in order to prove that we chose our own action to prove that we have free will and we do what we feel that is right or wrong. People may choose any of...
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