Humanities Religion Paper

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Sociology Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Humanities 1101
May 2, 2012
Throughout the span of this course I have learned what it takes to build a successful empire. There are many tactics that are involved in constructing an empire that is stable, which include an effective irrigation system, having an army, land for crops to grow, a system of government, the development of social classes, a trading system, tools and specialized skills for the making of goods, and a shared standpoint of religious beliefs. The one thing that I found most intriguing is how throughout the period of time every civilization has had some sort of caste system. A caste system is a social structure which separates individuals of a civilization into their inherited social class; it can also prohibit the marriage of two individuals of different caste. In the time we live in now you can still separate people into a variety of different social classes such as: upper class, upper middle-class, middle-class, lower middle-class and poor. But let’s rewind a few thousand years in to one of the earliest known civilizations, the Mesopotamians. The history of Mesopotamians can be separated into two categories, the Sumerian period and the Semitic period. During these periods I see the caste system come into play because Priests were at the top of the chain, they were the ones who controlled religious and economic dealings. The Law Code of Hammurabi, I would also consider to be part of a caste system. Majority of the Law code’s requirements deal with the relationship between a husband and wife, along with the relationship between other members of the family, these are a couple of the passages from the code: 131. If a man accuses his wife and she has not been taken lying with another man, she shall take an oath in the name of god and she shall return to her house (book). 145. If a man takes his wife and she does not present him with children, and he sets his face to take a concubine, that man may take a concubine and bring her into his...
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