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30 Sept 2011

WS1 Critique

After examining these very in-depth analysis essays, I attempted to find sections of the analysis that fell off topic and where sections didn’t incorporate themselves to the thesis. Also I looked at which of the authors concluded the essays appropriately and who connected all the information into the concluding paragraph. Both of these authors did incorporate details and colors of the artist’s work, but other factors had to be judged when thoroughly examining these essays. After noticing slight variations throughout “Essay G: Beach Scene in the Tropics” it was apparent that one of the authors was more consistent than the other. I came to the conclusion that “Pablo Cano: Exemplifying Dadaism through Matilda Hippo” had a stronger and more well rounded essay.

The transitioning and descriptive development of each paragraph were very strong in “Pablo Cano: Exemplifying Dadaism through Matilda Hippo.” The author transitioned from what materials the author used, to making it clear about what colors and line curvatures made the artwork come to life. The linking of every paragraph to the thesis and title made the reader know exactly what the author was trying to convey. The author also incorporated in-text words such as “bust line, skirt, and closed”. When the author concluded the paragraph, they related the ending towards the thesis effectively. For example the author wrote “the public” statement to relate the essay back to the thesis. This type of agreement within the essay made the paper interesting to read and it showed that the author planned the paper out effectively.

When having to find the faults within “Essay G: Beach Scene in the Tropics” I had to look and associate each paragraph together to see if they were parallel within the thesis and title. The author did a good job describing the colors that brought the artwork to life, but kept using first person within the last two paragraphs. The author of...
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