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* Gitanjali
* Karma
1. Arabian Lit
Excerpts of Koran
The Fisherman and the Genie
2. Hebrew
Story of Ruth
* The Gentleman of the Jungle
* A Piece of String
* My Heart Lifts Up
* Road Not Taken


Vocabulary: Use the words in a sentence.
1. respite - The bad weather has continued without respite. 2. ply – Jen ply two single yarns.
3. minstrel - The jazz musician has come to be regarded as a sort of existential minstrel. 4. hampers – The project was hampered by budget restraints. 5. fray – John showed signs of fray when he saw the man who killed his son.

The accusations frayed his reputation.

Questions for Discussion
1. When a person is exposed to the free leisure of life, like being exposed to the helpful dust of the earth, does it make him a better person? -Working or doing important things in everyday life is essential in becoming a better person, but as a human being, he also needs leisure. Leisure is the time free from work or duties, it may make him a better person or not, depending on what are his leisures of life.

2. What lines in the poem identify the free leisures of life? -The ff. are lines in the poem that identify the free leisures of life, moment’s indulgence to sit by thy side; the bees are plying their minstrelsy at the court of the flowering grove; It’s time to sit quiet, face to face with thee and to sing dedication of life in this silent and overflowing leisure.

3. Narrate your own experiences on being exposed to the helpful dust of the earth. -One of the great gifts I had when I celebrated my birthday was the trip to Davao. I went to Davao with my family and my crush was with us. This happened last summer, and it was a great leisure time I’ve spent because I do not have to worry about requirements in school and even exams, I spent my vacation swimming, eating, laughing, singing and talking with my crush, in short I was with him all the time, because all of our companions are adults. The best part is that he always made me feel special and never showed me that he is tired being with me. This experience boost my self-confidence and he made me realize that no matter what happens there is someone out there supporting me for whatever makes me happy.

4. What do lines 12-15 suggest?
-The child who is decked with prince’ robes and who was jeweled chain round his neck loses all pleasure in his play; his dress hampers him at every step. These lines suggests that like a prince who is next in line to become a king, a man who holds a high position is tied up to his responsibilities to the people who looks up on him, because of these responsibilities, works and duties he has no more time for himself, no time for rest or even respite or even a time to do his likes, wants and hobbies. His position holds him back to be exposed to the free leisure of life.

5. What is the theme of the poem?
The theme of the poem is sensualism. Following both poets within the Indian tradition, and also western poets such as Walt Whitman, Tagore writes very emphatically about sensuality and the enjoyment of the material world. As with Whitman, Tagore does this while at the same time attempting to show how this very enjoyment of physical sensations has a greater spiritual meaning and depth. By doing this, he bridges the gap that is often placed between spiritual enjoyments and more carnal material ones.

1. flagged – this verb connotes a signal, a way of communicating or sending messages or information. 2. renew – it connotes a new beginning, to reestablish, to restore, to regain or recover strength. Like a flower, he restores to a new and fresh condition. 3. broken – to separate into parts, the word broken in the poem connotes that...
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