Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Mediterranean Sea Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Intro to Humanities Unit 1
Terrence Girran Shavers Sr.
American Intercontinental University

Compare and contrast distinguishing elements of features of Greek and Roman cultures including illustrative of significant examples of various features.

Intro to Humanities Unit 1
Early Rome| Commonalities| Early Greek|
| ArtRoman Art: Roman art is to be considered realistic portraits; the Romans created are that was an actual display of true human being or artifact.Greek Art: Greek art has been considered to be perfect art, due the way it was created and it’s was it displayed being superior.Both Romans and Greeks are known for their famous art. They have provided a historical foundation across the world for its amazing art.| | | Geographical TerrainRoman: Rome is located inland.Greece: Greece is located around hills and water.They are both located in the Mediterranean Sea.| | | GovernmentRomans: The Romans had a Republican government, and was made up of three branches, Magistrates, Senate, and Assemblies and Tribunes.Greek: The Greeks was the birth place of Democracy, and was governed by the people.The comparison between both governments is that they were both ruled by kings in the beginning.| | | ArchitectureRomans: The Romans Architecture was developed to display their power, and develop ways to bring people together.Greek: The Greeks celebrated power and pride.The comparison between both is that the Romans were influenced by the Greeks, which they had the same type of Architecture until the Roman created their own identify. | | | ReligionRomans: Believed every person or place had its own genius. Their gods were sacret, and were not personified like the Greeks.Greeks: The Greeks religion was consisted of Gods and Heroes. There were several gods they looked up too.The comparison between both believed in Gods as the higher power.| |

Sayre, H (2013) Discovering the humanties, 2nd Edition
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