Topics: Humanitarian aid, Human rights, William Wilberforce Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: December 5, 2012
In this world we have two kinds of people, priveledged and oppressed. Those of privilege have the means to help others and those oppressed tend to be the people that are victimized and experience the most suffering. Some of us see our blessing as priveleged people and see the need for change in the world and seek to do what we can or think we can to change it. We call our selves humaitarians beacuse we are concerned with seeking to "promote human welfare." This sounds like a very great thing however, humanitarianism can get ugly and tainted when the motives that we have to help the oppressed are hidden within our own corruption and greed.

According to Costas Dozinas humanitarianism "refers to the efforts by orginizations and governments to alleviate mass suffering after natural catastrophes and to aid populations caught in war or civil strife." The birth of the humanitarianism movement started in the 19th century. In the beggining there were no distinctions made between "good and bad wars, just and unjust causes or, even, between agressors and innocents" (Dozinas 4) Early efforts remained strictly for the service of the oppressed population. The first aknowledged event of the "humaitarian movement" was the creation of the International Committee of the Red Cross by Jean-Henri Duant. Such orginizations including Ngo’s formed at this time kept there ideaologys and motives for there work unifiliated politically and very neutral on the sides of war as well as natural disaters.

In contarst to how the humanitarian movment started, The "roots of the new humaitarianism lie in the growing western involvement in the internal affairs of the developing world and the use of economic sanctions and force for humanitarian purposes." For example before the Iraq war orginiazations were being offered grants and money so the they would agree with and show "attatchment to American moral values and concern for civilians." This domineering attditude can esaily effect...
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