Humanitarian Essay

Topics: Harriet Tubman, Slavery in the United States, Underground Railroad Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Trianna Arreola Arreola 1
English 8 Period 6
Ms. Grande
February 25, 2009
Escape to Freedom

Imagine what it would be like to get hit in the head with a two pound weight by protecting another person. Harriet Tubman was born a slave. As a slave, she preferred working outdoors than in the kitchen. She also became known as the “Conductor of the Underground Railroad.” Without Harriet Tubman, she would not have inspired many people like Martin Luther King Jr. Harriet Tubman is a humanitarian because she helped over 300 slaves escape to their freedom.

Harriet Tubman had many early life influences that motivated her to become a humanitarian. “Harriet Tubman found a job in the kitchen of a hotel. As soon as she had saved enough money, Harriet planned to rescue her sister Mary Ann Bowley” (Nielson 17). This motivated her to save all her family members. Also it shows that she cares for them and she wants them to experience freedom like she does. Harriet was named the official “Conductor of the Underground Railroad” ( This proves that she has been rescuing many slaves to their freedom. This also shows that she knew all the techniques and the secret passages to escaping. During her ten year span, she had made 19 trips to rescue about 30 slaves ( This explains how she had rescued and helped them escape to freedom. This demonstrates why she is a humanitarian. Harriet Tubman had many things that influenced her to become a humanitarian; however, she faced many struggles along the way.

Arreola 2
Harriet Tubman had many struggles during her journey that made her a humanitarian. Harriet Tubman suffered from sudden sleep seizures because she was hit in the head with a two pound weight by protecting another slave (Lyman 223). This explains why she is always falling asleep during her escape journey. The fugitives were very trustworthy to her because they would wait for her to wake up and then start back up on their journey...
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