Humanitarian Aid

Topics: Humanitarian aid, Médecins Sans Frontières, Development aid Pages: 7 (2221 words) Published: December 17, 2012
How Different Humanitarian Aids in Crisis Caused by Different Factors -------------------------------------------------
- Complex Emergencies vs Natural Disasters


After the Cold War and more countries became democratized, the humanitarian crisis seemed to decrease and it’s easy to feel that human rights are more respected than before. However, violation of human rights and humanitarian crisis became more frequent and destructive as the causes of violation of human rights become more complex and economical situations of poor countries became more serious. As the world is getting more globalized and capitalism is more dominant, we cannot ignore the relations between frequency of humanitarian crisis and economic situations of certain country. The world became more capitalized and poor countries became poorer and humanitarian crisis in these countries prone to happen more. Not only for economical reasons, regional reasons such as poor weather conditions and tensions between geographically close country made them to violate human rights more. As a matter of fact that we are living in globalized world, it’s easier to know those countries’ humanitarian crisis and we all have certain responsibility to protect their human rights regardless of national sovereignty just because of the fact that they are all human beings. In this report violation of human rights and humanitarian crisis are narrowed by basic things such as famine to focus more on different causes of humanitarian crisis. There have been many efforts of humanitarian aid to protect these human rights. However, humanitarian aid itself still has many problems and the principle of humanitarian aid: humanity, neutrality and impartiality makes humanitarian aid more difficult. In order to abide by all these principles, humanitarian aid should be done carefully and aid workers need to be prepared properly before doing aid works. In this sense, we have to know the exact situation of crisis where humanitarian aid is needed and how and what kind of aid works should be done in that crisis. There are many factors that cause humanitarian crisis. However, this paper focuses on the most prominent factors; complex emergencies and natural disaster by giving examples of the cases of Biafra, Darfur to show complex emergencies and tsunami disaster and earthquake in Haiti, drought in Africa to show natural disaster crisis.

Complex Emergencies

Complex emergencies cause humanitarian aid works to be more difficult than any other factors causing humanitarian crisis. Complex emergencies are caused by many reasons such as breakdown of authority and resulting from internal or external conflict. The expression of complex emergencies formulated in the early 1990s in the United Nations to characterize vast humanitarian crisis. Complex emergencies have been increased in number and scope of such crisis has put humanitarian aid to be more difficult. As complex emergencies are usually more related to political issues so it’s even more difficult for humanitarian aid not to harm the principle of neutrality and impartiality. If the crisis is caused by political reason in state, it gets more difficult for international society to intervene because of national sovereignty. According to the UN Charter article 2 paragraph 7, states cannot intervene other states for whatever reasons. Such international law makes it even hard to intervene even for humanitarian aid works. In humanitarian crisis caused by political reason, humanitarian aid agencies and many international institutions sometimes are criticized for intervening other state’s national affair even human rights are violated in that country. Humanitarian crisis caused by complex emergencies is rendered both more acute and more difficult to overcome to the extent that aid efforts become more dangerous and costly. Complex emergencies tend to result in serious famine. As an...
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