Humanistic Therapy

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Humanistic Therapy Gregg D Black
Psychology as a science is not thought of as being integrated. The schools of thought are wide and varied each with their own perceptions. The Humanistic approach to therapy is one that I believe has merit when applied to specific disorders. Humanistic therapy directs the patient to center their attention on their; motivations, values, emotions and meanings behind their thoughts and actions. The belief is this will bring about a desired change both consciously and unconsciously. The humanistic approach requires a close relationship between client and therapist with the goal of maintaining a sense of acceptance and respect for the client. This type of relationship is of utmost importance and considered the corner stone of humanistic therapy. In my opinion the humanistic theory is the most personal of all the therapies. Humanistic therapy has its drawbacks, it is tied to the premise that people are basically good and that they take reasonability for themselves. This therapy is dependent on honesty and frankness and sometimes people do not what to take responsibility and they will hide their true self. This puts the therapist in the position of deciding what is true and what is false, this can become very time consuming. Pharmacotherapy based on a biological inspection of brain that shows psychological problems are a manifestation of brain pathology. This type of therapy is reliant on drugs called psychotropics. Psychiatrists rather than psychologist are the ones that prescribe medications. The main difference between humanistic therapy and pharmacotherapy is the use of drugs to relieve the client of their psychological symptoms. These two therapies are at separate ends of the spectrum. One treatment relies on a close relationship with the patient, and one relying on a drug or a group of drugs to help the patient.

Research indicates that therapy has shown to have good results in resolving many psychological problems yet it has...
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