Human Values of Would Be Teachers

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Education should strive to achieve national unity and national integration. Teachers and educationists should shed narrow loyalties and serve the society because the present educational system is polluting the social organism with narrowness and crookedness. Education cannot be got by merely mastering reading, writing and arithmetic. What is learnt in the books must be confirmed and corrected by practising it in social living. By instilling human values in students and teachers, India can become an ideal country and example to the whole world. Values are those codes of conduct which are conditioned by one’s cultural tenets, guided by conscience according to which one is supposed to conduct himself and shape his life pattern by integrating his beliefs, ideas, attitude with a view to realize the cherished ideals and aim on life. Human values are closely integrated with human life. They are intertwined with our day to day chores. No human life is possible without values. Yes every living human being lives by certain values. It is only the proportion and combination of negative and positive values which separates a noble human being from a not so noble human being. The positive values are Honesty, Compassion, Integrity, Forgiveness, Love, Knowledge, Discipline, Faith, and Leadership. The negative values like prejudice, hatred, greed, selfishness etc. CONCEPTIONS OF TEACHER VALUES

SPRANGER PSYCHOLOGISTS have given six basic values which have are as follows: * Theoretical values or Intellectual values
* Economic values or Practical values
* Aesthetic values
* Political values or power seeking values
* Social values or Altruistic values
* Religious values or Mystical values
Theoretical values:
Theoretical values are human values that are true or false to human survival depending upon human scientific development. Economic values:
Economic values are national values and are functional or dysfunctional to the survival of the nation.

Aesthetic values:
Aesthetic values are possessed when a work of art is understood and appreciated as differentiated whole, its constituent parts analysed and synthesized. Social values:
Social values are realized when an individual recognizes his place as no more than a part in the society and is willing to grant to all other individuals their due privileges. Religious values:
Religious values arises as the individual practice his relation to God, the total person, in worship, fellowship and service. Process of value inculcation:
The process of acquiring values begins at birth. Values develop through life and evolve from life experiences. They are formed by combining: intellect, will, emotions and spiritual needs. Simply stated, values are beliefs on certain way of behaving on certain life goals. A value is a guide, a norm a principle by which a person lives. Values have seven criteria. These are: 1. A value must be chosen freely.

2. A value must be chosen from alternatives.
3. A value must be chosen after considering the consequences. 4. A value must be performed.
5. A value becomes a pattern of life.
6. A value is cherished.
7. A value is publicly affirmed.

Value inculcation is building of values in our inner core. This is a process that happens unconsciously since we start learning, but it is conscious as we start learning about values in schools. This happens when schools give us the moral education. Schools use four chief methods in moral education.

Methods to inculcate human values:
1. Inculcation
2. Value clarification
3. Moral development
4. Value analysis

Some schools use a combination of these methods in an approach called comprehensive moral education. Inculcation is an effort to teach children the values that educators believe lead to moral behaviour. These values include honesty, compassion, justice and respect for others. One way of teaching such...
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