Human Values

Topics: Morality, Sociology, Culture Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: March 24, 2012
Questions that are not so burning these days are those of the societal structure and the evolution of human not only as a living creature, but also as a civilized societal animal. The complacency about his/her omnipotence finds a reflection in the human values that are so well galvanized to the human nature since times ancient. So does narrow-minded selfishness ooze to subdue what the religious gurus had been preaching since past as essential human values. Put simply, the centrifugal force of the society that has been on the drop is what we know as the ‘human values’. This is what distinguishes the flesh and blood from the other primates, although on the present date massive degradation of the same has also dealt a severe blow to the parameter of morality that the society has always aimed at promoting. Human values are the roots of the human race as the basic feelings of compassion and love are the elements that hold us on the pedestal higher, so that we may be boastful of our omnipotence. Human values in us develop over years as the civilization progresses and it is directly proportional to the nature of the culture of the respective human communities. That is to say, an anthropological study would be of quite a revelation about the different cultural values of members of that community. However, personal values are directly reflected in the way of socializing of any individual. But, while human values are intertwined with the moral values, post-structuralism may be referred to as the explanation for the impending jeopardy of the loss of the humane nature. The era has put to question every predefined norm and has an inherent nature of redefining hard-laid regulations, and thus in the dearth of clarity of judging it braves to shatter the very values that have led us to the present.
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