Human Trafficking vs Technology

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Watch Full Episodes Turn Your Computer into a TV! Watch Full TV Episodes w Free App HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND THE INTERNET: FAST TRACKING A CRIME SO MONSTROUS. The disturbing tendency to treat prostitution as a business or industry not only contributes to the trade in human beings, but is itself evidence of a growing tendency to detach freedom from the moral law and to reduce the rich mystery of human sexuality to a mere commodity. Related Articles

Anti Human Trafficking Efforts: Using Internet and Social Media! The Slave Next Door: How to End the Cruel Business of Human Traffickers! How To Protect Yourself From Becoming a Human Trafficking Victim Think It Won't Happen To You? Human Trafficking

-      Pope John Paul II (1920 – 2005)
The existence of human trafficking is by now not a question for debate. Though slavery in the 21st Century is unthinkable, it still exists on every continent and it affects mostly women and children, making it an affront to the rights, dignity and physical well-being of individuals affected, and a stain on humanity. The advent of information technology and the accompanying benefits to development cannot be denied. However, in as much as infotech has pluses, it also has minuses. The internet and human traffickers have become mutual partners in crime, making technology a dual purpose device for man. Technology can be utilized to one's advantage and, at the same time, to one's disadvantage. The unchangeable fact now occurs that the internet is one of the most useful tools aiding criminals. This explains why there is an alarming trend of human trafficking activities on the internet. Human traffickers and pimps alike use the internet to promote their illicit business through the recruitment and cultivation of under aged children online and subsequently placing them on websites for possible buyers of their services. Thus, it is not uncommon for anyone who is browsing positively to run into web-savvy exploiters...
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