Human Trafficking in Cambodia

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Name: Chou David
Class: Public Speaking
Teacher: Kate Westbrook
Assignment: Final Exam
Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is an illegal action that people kidnapped people to be their slavery of doing anything for money or their own good. It`s the possession or trading of humans for the purpose of engaging them in slavery and prostitution through the means of force. It’s the action that everyone is bewared of and scared of. It`s not just effect the victims but also their family, society, county and the world. Every single year the amounts of victims are increasing more and more. It`s a millions of dollars criminal which is the reason why there`re human trafficking. Human are victims every year and people who have heart do know that it`s one of the saddest things on Earth. So, have you had any relative who is the victim? Do you think that this action will ever stop?

There`re many types of human trafficking. This means that they are all different. First, Women trafficking is a kind of trafficking that people sale women as the costumer`s sex partner for money. They`re are not going to work at the same country that they used to lived because they`re going abroad to work in the sex industry. They`re not just the harm in sexual violence and rape but they were threat like the slavery. Normally, those slavery will work as waitress, refugee or prostitute for 20h/day. What cause this to be happening? Yes, because of the need of the traffickers who doesn’t really have money to manage their living situation. Also the parents whose sell their own daughter for the money to survive. But some of them might think that if their daughter still live with them, the baby or daughter will not survive and make them of selling the daughter out of the family`s bad economic issue. The lack of sex knowledge, awareness, and the percentage of illiteracy made this issue happens. This issue leads to the risk of LIFE. It leads...
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