Human Trafficking and Slavery

Topics: Human trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Castro 1.
Erika Castro
Criminal Justice
April 10, 2013
Human Trafficking and Slavery.
Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery which uses force, fraud and coercion for the purpose of commercial sex and forced labor. Human trafficking and exploitation has been in happening across the globe for thousands of years. From the ancient Greek and Romans to the medieval times and even till today. This is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the 21st century, a 9 billion dollar industry. Also the second largest criminal enterprise in the world. Modern day slavery. The 27 million enslaved people around the world who are bought and sold for sexual exploitation, hard labor, domestic work, and as soldiers. Human trafficking was first legally recognized by the term white slavery which obtains of a white woman or girl by the use of force, drugs or by dishonesty for sex which is unwanted by the woman or girl.

Human trafficking brings in an estimated $32 billion a year. The cost to purchase a slave in the American south in 1850 was the equivalent of 40,000 in today’s money; today a slave costs an average of $100. In Ohio about 1,000 children are forced into the sex trade every year. About 800 immigrants are sexually exploited. Nationwide roughly 50,000 people are trafficked into the United States every year. Human trafficking is found in more than 90 cities in the U.S. with the numbers rising.

There are three trends that contribute to the modern day slavery. The first trend, is a recent population explosion has tripled the world population. The second, rapid social and economic change where people have no safety net and no job security. Third, is government corruption, allows slavery to go...
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