Human Trafficking and Cycle of Abuse

Topics: Human trafficking, Slavery, Rape Pages: 26 (7974 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Human Trafficking and Cycle Of Abuse

Group X
Milan Balaban
Yuri Beda
Rishi Chandak
Govind Chaturvedi
Preeti Patnaik
Seth Weston
Bosnia and Herzegovina6
Social Position of Women in Pre-modern Bosnia6
The War Years 1992 - 19956
The Modern Era of Trafficking and Cycle of Abuse7
Human Trafficking In India10
Root cause of its occurrence10
Rape Case in India14
Causes and Effects14
Rape Statistics by Country17
The Balkans17
Political factor19
Economical and immigration factor19
Geographic factor20
War factor20
Current situation20
United States22
Background of Human Trafficking in the US22


Problems like human trafficking and the abuse the women tolerate on a daily basis are global problems. Although they are culturally diverse in their backgrounds and occasionally the root cause, the effect is always the same. This paper will take a kaleidoscope viewpoint and examine the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Russia and United States.

Number of people being trafficked per day is somewhere between 700,000 and 2 million. These people are being raped, used as sex slaves or even as domestic slaves not including any sexual favors. Since trafficking is global, all the mentioned countries serve as one ring of organized criminal. There are also specific cases when media finds out about the rape case, such was the situation in India. Lastly, the paper has a goal of giving recommendations which range from new laws and legislations, education to lobbying and ultimately severe punishments for violators. These recommendations have a purpose of raising awareness and thus minimizing the devastating effect of human trafficking.


Human trafficking has been labeled as one of the biggest issues in today’s world. The basic needs according to Maslow on their fundamental level include security and shelter. All too often even those essential rights are not met. That is the case today. The chosen topic of treatment impacts the researchers personally as they have had firsthand experience in the consequences left by the destructive cycle of abuse as well as human trafficking.

The aim of this paper is to bring together a matrix of three parts of the world and their problems into one complex, yet clearly understandable whole. It will treat the problems both separately on the micro level, explaining the processes and statistics. Moreover it will explain the impact and how human trafficking is devastating for both economy and society. There will be proposed solutions in a short and a long term. Perhaps more importantly it will treat the issue as one global story, linking the incidents and statistics, proving that certain aspects are trans-cultural and no matter what the socio-economic level of development is, the problems remain and are in dire need of a cure.

The paper will be heavily leaning on the research already done in the field as well as the statistics presented to the public as TED Talks, conferences and workshops. Its main academic purpose is cross cultural education on the issue and observing the various faces of the same issue from many different perspectives and outlooks.

Lastly, the paper will open new possibilities for research by answering certain questions. It will provide potential roadmap for the problem solving as well as propose how to implement the mentioned roadmap.


Proper human trafficking research may contribute in anti-trafficking programs via analyzing trends of the issue. According to this it is very important to understand roots of human trafficking and factors affecting it...
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