Human Trafficking across the Globe

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Human trafficking across the globe

Vision : A World Equal For All

Mission : To Help in Restoration & Integration of Human Trafficking Victims

An initiative of change

Strategy & implementation
Tie-Up with NGOs & help in Training & Skill Development.

Organize fund raising activities.
Importance to acquiring of skills and ability to adapt & work together as they have been deprived of formal education and also they come from diverse background. Work as a facilitator and try to generate employment opportunities while not exposing them directly to the society. E.g. As part of CSR,ITC could employ women at their factories.

Restoration into mainstream society

Provide the women and children with basic education. Protection against social stigma that would demolish their already low morale.(Short term Approach) Parallel social awareness campaigns aimed at their restoration and acceptance in mainstream society.(Long term Approach) (Making A documentary on Victims and promoting it through Social media)

Accomodation for 15 persons Per Month per person Food Shelter Electricity 600 100 1500 total in month 9000 Total in a year 108000 100000 18000

Making T-Shirts having SHAPATH Logo Items Sewing Machine Yarn, neddle,other material Advertisment Other cost Total Cost 1000 Number 15 Total Cost 15000 10000 10000 10000 45000 5000

Teaching Basics of sewing (Workshop of two days where a professional will teach the basics of sewing machine) Total Expenses For 1st year in operation month Number of Shirts order Expected Price Per Shirt Revenue Generated 200 150 30000 per year 2400 1800 360000 241000

This Buisness will help them to earn some money and become self sufficent. This Buisness can be scaled up by making other clothing accessories like towel,socks,trousers,napkins,hankerchief for small towns and rural areas.

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