Human Trafficking

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking is all around the world. It is another term for slavery, but in the 21st century the world slave is not use at all. Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. Trafficking involves around the act of transferring, harboring, transporting, by abduction, fraud, and many more. They find their selves working in factory, prostitution, or dealing with drugs. It is a person under the age eighteen that has been introduced to perform a commercial sex act or an adult who is force to also do commercial sex act. In this article it talks about many things dealing with sex trafficking like the Oppression Paradigm, Trafficking and other sex work Arenas, Targeting Customers and many more different topics. It explains how trafficking is expanding and the causes of the problem. Trafficking is not only in the U.S but it is also in other countries as well and getting out of control. This article examines the claims made by organizations, activists, and scholars who embrace the oppression paradigm, evaluates the reasoning and evidence used in support of their claims, and highlights some of the ways in which this perspective has influenced recent legislation and public policy in selected nations. The author presents an alternative perspective, the polymorphous paradigm, and suggests that public policy on prostitution would be better informed by this evidence-based perspective. The oppression model is grounded in a particular branch of feminist thinking. In prostitution there is somebody that has power over you. He or she tell the prostitution or sometimes don’t tell you about the sexual act that is about to happen. Problems with prostitution are mainly domestic violence and paid to rape a person. Sexual exploitation includes pornography, rape, battering, and sexual harassment. The name that is always use is sex predators, because it places men that buy sex that in category as pedophiles and rapists. It claims that human...
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