Human Trafficking

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Shoaib Khalid
Ms. Allen
Participation in Government
Dec 3, 2012
The United States government is filled with corrupted officials. People who come to politics only to gain wealth and power. Examples are shown in the movie “The Distinguish Gentleman”. For example, the movie shows many corrupted congressmen. They bribed, got involved in scandals, ignore the issues of people and lie to media to cover up for their party members. In my opinion, these are not just fictional things that are put in the movie. Things like these really happen in our government system. I will give real life examples in this research. In the movie, one of the congressman bribes Eddie Murphy to cover up his personal affairs. In August 2009, Congressman William J. Jefferson was convicted of corruption charges. It was a case made famous by the $90,000 in bribe money stuffed into his freezer and a legal battle over the raid of his Washington office that reached the highest levels of the U.S. government. Jefferson was sentenced 150 years in jail. Eddie Murphy was congressman with criminal records. There are many congressmen in the United States Government that have criminal records. For example, Gerald Kleczka was convicted of DUI in 1987 and was arrested for DUI in 1990 and 1995. Also, Congressman James Moran was Charged with spousal abuse, and assault and battery. A regular instigator of bar fights while mayor of Alexandria, VA, his position made him immune to arrest. In the movie we noticed that congressmen used the public fund for their own purposes. In reality, Rob Andrews was caught using the campaign fund for his family trip to Scotland, travel to Tinsel town with his daughter, and even a high school graduation party. In conclusion, the United States government is filled with corrupted officials. People like these abuse their power for their own good. The examples shown in “The Distinguished Gentleman” were not work of fiction. They were taking from real life stories on corrupted...
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