Human Trafficking

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  • Published : July 3, 2007
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Human Trafficking is a form of organized crime, in which people of all ages are taken from their homes to be exploited for sexual or labor purposes. The traffickers use fear and violence to get these people to come with them, and all they really want out of it is money. I will be using four main sources to gather my information. First I will give a general overview of two websites giving great depth into the topic of human trafficking. I will then summarize three case studies on human trafficking. Finally, I will give my views on the issue, and tell why it is such any important topic for the public to hear about. Human trafficking is a growing problem in the world today, and will soon be the largest criminal industry in the world. For the most part, certain groups of people are trafficked. For instance, the poor, people who have run away from there homes, and also migrants. There are many ways for traffickers to manipulate people to do what they want, and if that doesn't work they can always turn to violence. One major way they try to control the people is by using psychology. They will make all the trafficked people believe that no matter where else they go they will be enslaved or killed. They tell the trafficked people that they are safe with them. Also, traffickers say that they will have a much more prosperous life with them. Besides those ways, often time the trafficked people consent to it at first. They have no where else to go and they are hardly able to eat because they are so poor. So if a man is willing to give them food and water then they will do anything. Many people ask what the difference between human trafficking and migrants is. Migrants are people that wish to be moved to another country, usually to try to make a better life, but don't have any legal way of doing so. They consent to going, and usually once they arrive at their destination, they are set free, or put in sweat shops to work off the debt of the trip. As you can...
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