Human Trafficing: Are We Doing Enough?

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Human Trafficking: Are We Truly Doing Enough?
Human trafficking has been around for the same amount of time as inequality among people; so basically, all of human history. People are bought and sold, and treated and traded like objects. This has always been part of our society, however dominate. Slavery, prostitution, illegal aliens - all of these things have roots in human trafficking. Since ancient Egypt, when thousands of Hebrews were forced build the pyramids, to present day Italy where hundreds of women are forced to submit their bodies every day. We are thankfully becoming less and less tolerant of this cruel practice in the modern world. Yet, because our tendency to look the other way, to pretend to not know the truth, hundreds upon thousands of people are still being trafficked every year, some right under our nose here in America. We’ve created anti-trafficking laws, passports, citizenship papers, as well as heightened border patrols and increased airport security. There are those who would have you believe that this is enough - it isn’t.

Many people see the fact that human trafficking is slightly declining as a sure sign of success. But like so many other things in the world, our nation’s economy, the availability of jobs, and the price of gas; human trafficking like all these things has fluctuation. Traffickers will find ways around our barriers, loopholes in the system, what have you - unless we stop this for good. Moreover, it is incorrect to say for sure that this problem is declining. How does one even come to that conclusion? Fewer traffickers are being caught so it’s obviously getting better - I’m not buying it. With human trafficking being what it is, underground, unspoken, unnoticed - we can never be sure of all of the statistics. And another frightening thought to explain this suggested decline: Perhaps have traffickers have just developed new smuggling methods and new ways of bypassing security. That would mean that more people are being...
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