Human Trafficing

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Modern Day Slavery
Human trafficking is a subject few people know about, even though it goes on every day right underneath the national’s noses. Human trafficking is happening all over the world and will get worse if society does not find a way to stop it. This modern day slayer is not talked about much in the mass media or in everyday conversations, so it comes to a shock to society to know that this is happening to the people around our area. Nobody denies that more needs to be done to help get the word out on human trafficking. The nation’s governments have started a new legislation to help keep track of human trafficking. Debates on who is accountable for helping to get the word out and putting a stop to all this insanity everywhere is arguable some blame the governments while others blame the media. The truth is that the nation’s governments need to take a stand to improve the laws to help protect human trafficking and the victims, without the help of the world’s nation’s governments nothing can truly be done. Generally speaking, our government needs to take human trafficking more seriously. It was reported in the Reports from 2004 all the way through 2006 that many survivors were tricked by being promised respectable jobs with good salary while what they got was sold as sex slaves or made to work in factories or worse (TIP) The governments of the world need to educate their people on these trickeries and help them understand that anything will be said to make them part of human trafficking. “fifty thousand sex slaves are imported annually into the United States”. (Human trafficking, Globalization, and Ethics). That’s not a headline we have seen in our media. It seems the governments are trying to cover up our modern day slavery. While what the government should be doing is forcing more education on human trafficking. United States started a new legislation, “which requires the department of state to issue an annual report on the status of human...
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