Human Themes in Rango

Topics: Human, Religion, Government Pages: 4 (1722 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Human Themes in Rango
Nickelodeon’s movie, Rango, creates a microcosm society intended to parallel many different characteristics of human society through the use of animals. This movie shows how lack of resources in one area can affect humans. With limited resources humans will need to adapt to their surroundings and take full advantage of them for survival, and so everyone’s best efforts are contributed a government is made. A government can give its people a sense of their identity, but when government is not enough for their identity, religion and philosophy come in to fill the gaps. The movie tells a story of a lizard who is introduced into the real world for the first time. He is dropped into something new, and something new always teaches a lesson, as supposed to something we have been in our whole life. Being new gives a different perspective. Rango gives a story that appears to be new, yet has been the story that we have lived in all our lives. It is the story of mankind, but Rango introducing it as a new concept gives us a new perspective. This paper will show similarities between Rango and human existence, so that the new perspective, the repeating traits and characteristics we notice, should be our new perspective on human history. The story of Rango starts with the lizard getting placed into the desert where he will have to survive on his own. Rango first realizes, as he is trying to drink a sip of water but it evaporates, that he needs water; he needs resources. This is similar to how humans first entered into the world, and the first thing that they needed as well was resources, whether its food, water, or shelter. In Rango though, the main valuable resource is water. This is because Rango is in the desert, where very little water even exists, let alone any flowing rivers or lakes where Rango can set up camp and survive easily well. No, in this movie water is a limited resource, just like humans have limited resources even today such as coal and...
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