Human Tendencies - Short Note

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Human Tendencies are natural impulses that direct an individual to perform certain actions or activities without a conscious plan •These tendencies then were given to man to help us to serve and satisfy our fundamental needs. •They are the force/drive behind all achievement

Have them from birth to death
It is not an instinct – animals have instincts/humans have tendencies •They use tendencies to gain skills

the needs of man;
Physical Needs (Basic needs) – Food, Shelter, Protection •Other Needs - Emotional, intellectual, Spiritual, self-realisation,

Montessori designed an environment that supports human tendencies.

Some of the tendencies she talked about are given below;

Exploration - It is the urge to go out to the unknown, and find more info, knowledge to help us get more oriented. Consistency is very important to the child. •Orientation – Something that gives you a frame of reference; a way to follow; to relate ourselves to the external world or the internal world. In Montessori, we try not to make a lot of changes because it gives the child a sense of security. If there is a change, a transitional object (something that is familiar to the child) should be provided in order to not confuse the child. •Order – The urge to organise, and be able to find our way back. The sense of order helps the child to use his energy and intellect to organise his thoughts. •Adaptation

Work – Humans want to work. Taking from what we absorb, from the imagination and make it real- Manipulation. We must think of Activity with purpose; Activity that serves the human being. Repetition is good because the more you repeat the more myelinisation. •Perfection - Human beings are also conditioned to look for exactness, perfection, precision; the natural propensity we have to control ourselves, controlling our own errors to do better, to overcome difficulties, obstacles. Mathematical Mind –...
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