Human Stupidity

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Patrick J. Derilus“Human Stupidity”11/02/2011

Between living among people and being distant from them, I imagine that humanity’s ignorance brings me near the peak of lost hope. All people have done is create chaos and conflict among one another. It concerns to aiding war, segregation, and hatred. People also destroy other’s lives to develop industrial substances like companies and factories, also the architecture of building new homes, which cost people their lives. My philosophical question is why does it continue to happen? Not only is it a never ending cycle, but it brings me to what I like to call human stupidity.

If people have an inclination to be bungling, is there space for intelligence?

For starters, when various problems spawn like child abuse, bullying, and freedom of speech come up, people listen, but they never heed a person’s words when solutions are recommended. For example, say someone was bullied throughout high school. If he or she is intending to commit suicide and then goes through with it, everyone feels as though they need to panic and make “inspirational” statements that prevent bad influenced kids from picking on the less fortunate. The next day everything seems to be changed from the environment in the hallways of the school. However, a person may witness a callous looking guy or girl shove a defenseless adolescent inside their own locker. Do you see where I am trying to get at? People often repeat themselves and never learn anything. I get the impression that a vast amount of humanity is unintelligible.

I begin to think, that if people have a hard time listening then history will always repeat itself.

Also, history continues to reoccur because intelligence is very limited, as opposed to stupidity being infinite. Society tries to convince others that drinking and driving concurrently is bad, yet it is mainly younger adults who do it regardless, while older people are a little more reluctant to do the same. Another...
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