Human Society Change

Topics: Cherokee, Native Americans in the United States, United States Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Human Societal Change
Raven Jordan
Anthropology 200
Eastern Kentucky University, Corbin Campus
November 24, 2012

Human Societal Change
Throughout history, culture and societies, have been ever changing. No one society has stayed the same for a long amount of time. Instead, societies change every day. These changes can come from influences such as, other societies and better techniques. Many societies change even when they do not want to, but by force. Are these changes that are being made good? Are these changes bad? How does change affect the people who have to make it? It does seem that change is a bad thing for all people, all the time. Although history and life lived today shows otherwise and yet it also shows that it can be bad. Focusing on the change made by the Cherokee nation, Haiti, Incas, and Spanish one will see the changes made and the effects it had on those people. The good and the bad will be brought out. Keeping an open mind to change is a good technique when first approached with a possible chance of a change needing to be made or a change actually being made. United States Influence on Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Indians were part of a matrilineal clan. These clans involved thousands of people. They had big man or village head who was a leader of the clan. Their religion was based on mythical ancestors. Their descent groups came through their mother’s family. The United States were an Industrial Nation State. Their population consisted of millions of people, they enforce taxes, and marriages were based love. The Industrial Nation States religion was worship of one god or worship of no god. Everything was going good for the Cherokee; they were going through a prosperous time. Unfortunately, that prosperous time was short lived for the Cherokee. Gold was found on the Cherokee land in Georgia and the United States had to get to it. The only way to get to the gold was to make the tribes move to other lands. “Political pressure was...
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