Human Side of Management

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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The Human side of management (Webster's New World Dictionary, 2000) defines management as the control or guide, to have control or to succeed in doing. (Teal, November-December 1996) According to the writer it was stated that great management requires leaders to learn some difficult lessons of there own. In many organizations we have come to realize that many of the struggles which they face come from upper management positions such as the mangers. In many cases when an employee is asked about their job they tend to primarily complain about management. According to (Teal, November-December 1996) the biggest barrier which managers seem to face are towards change, innovation and new ideas it is very often a management issue. It is often the employers belief that they would do a better job than their bosses. Practicing this common profession of management requires people who display a variety of skills who are willing to seek to further enhance the organization.

One reason why there is scarcity of managerial greatness, is that while educating and training we tend to focus to much on technical proficiency. As we know without courage and tenacity it was stated that no manager can hope to achieve greatness (Teal, November-December 1996). The whole idea of being a manager must be one where the person is devoted and fully committed to conducting there daily duties effectively. But we must also seek to remember that our bosses also have to face certain requirements in order to be able to perform their daily duties. In many circumstances mediocre (average) managemnet is the norm. For instance as employees we tend to also depend primarily on upper management, we tend not to take various innitiatives, towards of daily task. We look at them as our immediate friends rather than as a person who is in higher authority of us. Nevertheless without courage and tenacity for example, no manager can hope to achieve greatness. They ought to seek to achieve a vision and...
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