Human Side of Management

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Human Side of Management

20 February 2013


The Human Side of Management concentrates on the benefits of treating your human resources as people versus concentrating on which is better, a Manager or a Leader. It details the benefits gained by treating people with the same respect, courtesy and genuine concern you would want shown to you, your children, or spouse. Humanizing employees is a simple concept with many benefits that outweigh any negative impacts one person may attempt to create by trying to take advantage of a manager/leader that uses the human side of management.

Human Side of Management

Management versus leadership has been a point of contention for years but regardless of being a good manager or good leader, you have to focus on the human side of management to be successful. You have good managers and good leaders but only the most fortunate experience a good manager that is also a great leader. To be effective you have to display effective communication skills, a willingness to lead without fear of consequences and the ability to empathize; this starts by showing your human side. As a leader you will lead/manage people of every age and of every walk of life so you have to be an effective listener and communicator, you have to be ready to defend your people’s actions and most importantly you have to show compassion when it comes to the person as a whole. This does not mean falling for every sob story given or giving the single parent easy hours it means showing concern because the single parent is late every once in a while or being genuinely sympathetic because the Senior Administrator lost a parent and cannot focus on the project in front of them then stepping in to help get the job accomplished. These simple things are the makings of a great leader.

By showing sympathy, which is different than being a push over, you begin to build a trust with your staff; a trust that will lead...
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