Human Sexuality Paper

Topics: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gender Pages: 4 (1494 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Dec 7th, 2009

SXS 400 Essay

If sexual orientation is something that we can’t change or choose, then how are these specific preferences such as heterosexuality and homosexuality created? How does one person progress to either heterosexuality or homosexuality? Studies showed that there were genetic factors linked to influencing sexual orientation in males before they were born by increasing the female reproductive capacity in mothers during multiple births. (Iemmole, Ciani, 2008: 393) Though that doesn’t mean that there technically is a “gay gene” that has been discovered, just that several human genome studies has suggested promising areas of research that are pointing to that direction. (Iemmole, Ciani, 2008: 393) With more studies and information, it seems that sexual orientation is primarily established more by a biological factor than any environmental factors. Not saying that personal environmental factors do not contribute to developing sexual orientations, because that still remains uncertain at the moment. But biological factors seem to weigh more heavily on the general make up of one’s orientation. Biologists would strongly disagree while psychologists would agree that environmental factors influence sexual orientation. If a person growing up is sexually abused or neglected, or lived in a dominantly paternal or maternal environment, Psychologists would argue that these types of factors can contribute to shaping a person’s sexual identity. Joan Roughgarden would argue that a person’s sexual orientation is like a person’s accent. It’s developed at a very early age and most people can’t change it while others can. (Roughgarden, 2009, 256) Though the accents are not genetic, they are thick most of the times because of the secluded surrounding environment that people live in for long extended periods of times that helps keep it intact. An example of this would be that older generation people who are lets say born and raised in England have a...
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