Human Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Topics: Marriage, Sociology, Adultery Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: May 21, 2012
After I read the article “Human sexuality in cross-cultural perspective” from page 135, I feel so shock. The article is talked about the culture of human sexuality at Pokot and Zapotec. Pokot is a country that placed a very high emphasis on sexual pleasure, and every sexual between the husband and wife must reached orgasm. If not, the wife will think their husband was adultery and will punish the husband by calling her female friends together tie her husband on the bed while he is sleeping. I am really shock when I read about this because I never think of there is a country will have this kind of norms. From the perspective of Malaysia norms, they are deviant. If for Malaysian, the husband do not satisfied her wife on sexuality, the wife will just probably keep quiet and will not punish her husband like what the wife from Pokot did. The wife keep quite maybe she understands why her husband does not satisfied her and also this is the Malaysia culture, shy to talk about sex. If Malaysian women punished her husband like what the wife from Pokot did, I think they will be lock up in the jail because based on Malaysia culture, woman should obedient their husband. By the way, there still have a lot of women are having the power to make decision in the home nowadays. -------------------------------------------------

In 4th of June 2011, a new created club of Malaysia Obedient Wives Club (OWC) has announced a big and shock news. -------------------------------------------------

According to them, the secret to a successful marriage is an obedient wife who makes sure her husband is sexually satisfied. From this statement, we might not feel anything wrong. But they said, in order to cure the divorce rate and prevent their husband from straying into sin, -------------------------------------------------

women must act as the first-class prostitute during their sexuality. Besides...
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