Human Sexuality and Prostitution

Topics: Human sexuality, Prostitution, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: May 21, 2013

It is no doubt that prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. Prostitution is the practice of providing sexual acts to another person for a price. The person who performs this service is called a prostitute. There are many points of views when it comes to this topic such as social, ethical, moral, economical and religious but I will only be discussing a few. Another aspect worth looking at is the health risks involved in prostitution. Prostitution is linked with the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such a HIV and various others that can cause severe damage to the human body. With the amount of clients that prostitutes come into contact with on a daily basis, the chance for attracting these diseases becomes more increasingly. Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, drug usage, frequent abortions and suicide attempts are some of the greatest health risks for very young prostitutes.

The sex of prostitution is physically harmful to women in prostitution. STDs (including HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, human papilloma virus, and syphilis) are alarmingly high among women in prostitution. Only 15% of the women in the Minneapolis/St. Paul study had never contracted one of the STDs, not including AIDS. General gynecological problems, but in particular chronic pelvic pain and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), plague women in prostitution.

Not only does prostitution cause to damage to ones health but also to the image, family structure, and financial situation of that prostitute. People engaged in prostitution never do so openly, and if exposed it can hurt their reputation as well as those who are close to them. Family expectations and problems are common factors why many enter the prostitution business. Women in particular are pressured to pay for their sibling’s education or support a sick family member. Other aspects such as dysfunctional families or constant abuse from parents have lead youngsters to leave their...
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