Human Sexuality

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Chealsea Mae T. Desquitado MW 7:30-9:00
From the discussion we had on human sexuality specifically on all on masturbation, homosexuality,pre-marital sex and cosmetic enhancement are those acts merely a sin. We had varied opinions and statements from all those. On some testimonies we've heard from people they actually say that masturbation is not a sin,it's man's innate.On the basis of human sexuality God created human beings with many dimensions, one of which is their unique sexual nature. As men and women, we are physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, and spiritual beings, and thus distinguished from the rest of creation.God created human beings to be in relationship with each other and continually blesses us with diverse powers, which we use in living out those relationships. These include powers for action, reasoning, imagination, and creativity. Sexuality especially involves the powers or capacities to form deep and lasting bonds, to give and receive pleasure, and to conceive and bear children. Many levels of sexual expression are possible between men and women.God has designed the most intimate expressions of sexuality, including intercourse, specifically for the marriage relationship. With this sexual relationship God has given us, we should put in mind all the set limitations, hindrances and don't. Sexuality from the very start is primarily considered sacred yet in today's time majority are now having it for pleasure sake and others for one's own survival due to severe poverty. Though sexual love remains God's good gift, sin permeates human sexuality as it does all of life. When expressed immaturely, irresponsibly, or with hurtful intent, then love — or its counterfeit, coercive power — can lead to harm and even death. Too often lust is mistaken for love, which in turn becomes the rationale for selfish behaviors. When infatuation, lust, and self-gratification take the place of the responsibilities of...
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