Human Sex Trafficking

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Human Sex Trafficking

Human sex trafficking is an illegal form of modern day slavery that has turned into a lucrative business throughout our nation. Sex is very big business and there is a tremendous amount of money that can be made. There are people that will use any means necessary to be a part of this industry. Young women and children are used as a commodity, offered a better life and then sold like property to increase the wallets of these criminals. I am against this kind of inhumane treatment and know that as a nation we can do more to abolish this so called business forever. I believe this possible with more laws, stronger penalties for breaking those laws, and awareness that this is a very big and rapidly growing problem here and all over the nation. Today Somaly Mam, former sex slave, is a very strong activist for these girls. She has made it her life’s work to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate these young girls back into society. She knows that there is strength in numbers and is bringing awareness to this rapidly growing issue in many ways. Now is the time to take a stand as a nation, every person that can be a voice to end this modern day slavery needs to do their part. She believes, as do I, that these girls are not inventory; they are humans. Society needs to realize that we need to make this part of our history, what used to be, not what is today.

When Somaly was 15 years old she was sold into sexual slavery in Cambodia, where she is from, by a man who posed as her grandfather. He was very poor and in debt and paid that debt with Somaly. She was given to the brothel to make back the money that he could not pay. He was given money as needed that was added to this debt, that she would also pay back by working in the brothel. That is how things worked in Cambodia; the daughters paid the family debts with their bodies. When she first got to the brothel she had no idea what was expected of her. She was only 15 years old. Grandfather, as she called him, dropped her off at Aunty Nop’s house. Aunty Nop gave grandfather money and he left, telling Somaly to do as aunty told her and he would be back. After her grandfather left she was given a dress some shoes and makeup was put on her face. She was told that they were going out for a while. They went to Aunty Pueve’s house. A man was there and Somaly was referred to as a new chicken, fresh from the country. That is where her first customer raped and beat her because she resisted, even though she was told by Aunty Nop not to or she would be punished. He left her bleeding from her nose and mouth, covered in blood and sperm and let her know he would be back for more. When Aunty Nop found out that she was beaten because she resisted with the customer, she was punished. The punishment ranged from being put in the basement with snakes and scorpions crawling all over her to maggots being put on her body while she was sleeping. As time passed she began to cooperate with the household. There were men that would come and rent her out and take her to a motel room where there would be 20 to 30 men waiting to take turns with her. She was beaten, drugged and raped repeatedly until they were done with her. This kind of treatment went on for years from all different kinds of customers. She turned 18 and was told by Aunty Nop that she was able to leave the brothel. Her grandfather’s debt was now paid in full. She had no place to go, no family, no friends and no money. She chose to stay at the brothel but by this time she had become more of a friend to aunty then a working girl. She would help aunty with the household chores and help with her children. She still worked for aunty but now she was able to keep a small portion of the money she earned. She wanted nothing more than to leave the brothel and make a life for herself. She knew that would only be possible if she met someone that was rich enough to take care of her and Dietrich was just that. He was working under...
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