Human Services Theory: Guidance for Personal Growth

Topics: Need, Want, Knowledge Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Mark Baugh
Human Services Theory.2013 Spring Qtr.
#1. My passion in the field of human services, is to be able to guide and give the tools to the clients, who are in need of guidance, to assure that they get the proper help, and services that I am able to obtain for their needs, and having that gratification, and knowledge that they had received there help and guidance through myself and the organization that I am working with, have delivered all that is needed to help the clients. #2. The difference is to guide that client in the most prosperous way to give the client the needs and wants to help them with their personal struggle, and help the client through this process with the least struggle as possible. And making sure that they understand the process and what will do to help their situation, and to follow up and checkup the client that they are understanding, and doing well. #3. Well as far as research, all it can do is give us more fighting power and a better understanding of what is needed to do, to be able to get the right guidance and the right tools to help me and the client through the proper channels. #4. As the scholarly resources, well without that influence and help, we would not have that leaning post, sort of speech, to lean on, when there is confusion, on maybe what direction, or have we been through this scenario before, with that input from the scholars, we should be able to put the puzzles back in place, and work through this client scenario, so we can find that happy medium.
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