Human Services Essay

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Healthcare in the United States is undergoing some exciting changes in defining and delivering services to those in need.  Human Services now takes its place among the field of professionals administering aid. Follow us as we explore this growing and developing field with a group of college students pursuing a Human Services Leadership Degree online through the University of Wisconsin.  Their diversity, exhibited in both their individual and professional aspirations, gives us a glimpse into this exciting and emerging career path. What is Human Services? This question can lead to a variety of responses. Human services, for two of our members, meant activities or programs designed to serve and enhance the quality of life for all people; a field that assists individuals or families with conditions and obstacles they may be facing or simply services that assist them in improving their quality of life. Another member looked at Human Services in a theoretical sense, and saw it as “the field of humane, compassionate, person-centered care that has, and continues to develop, as the result of an evolving, collective human and social consciousness”. The book Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies defines Human Services as “a phrase that is often used to group activities that focus on helping people live better lives” (Mehr & Kanwischer, 2011 p.2).  One thing is certain; each of our responses reflects ways in which we aspire to understand how to help people achieve this goal. Who governs Human Services? Roman philosopher Cicero stated “justice commands us to have mercy on all” (Mehr & Kanwischer, 2011, p. 17).  If the field of human services shares a history that can be traced back to antiquity, then a society or culture defines the concept of needy and considers an appropriate response to human problems (Mehr & Kanwischer, 2011, p.15).  Ultimately, it is The People who govern human services. A major shift in perception occurred in the 1500’s;...
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