Human Services Agency Interview

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  • Published : January 21, 2011
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Human Service Agency Interview
Delores Cooper
University of Phoenix
November 29, 2010
David Worsley

Human Service Agency Interview
The Human Service field is vast with different approaches based on uniquely meeting individual’s needs. Some of these needs are met through interdisciplinary knowledge, placing concentration on preventive measures as well as correcting errors of life, and up-holding responsibilities of enhancing the meaning of life. Human Services profession is one, which supports enhanced methods of service by focusing on direct services, and by enhancing accessibility, responsibility, and organization among professionals and agencies in Human Service departments,(Martin, 2007).

The organization I chose is Progressive HealthCare Providers that provide services for the developmentally disable who have physical and mental problems. Individuals with mental, physical disabilities as well as behavioral problems are candidates for Group Homes. These individuals are no longer secluded but are visible members of society. The use of single family houses was part of a design to incorporate disabled individuals into communities and minimize the embarrassment of being placed in a facility, which provides special care. I conducted an interview with Pleshetta Davis an administrator with Progressive HealthCare Providers. I decided to use a phone interview made by an online request. A letter was not used because mail delivery is often a problem this time of year. Pleshetta Davis was glad to be of service answering 10 questions that I had prepared for the interview, such as * Type of Human Service provided

* How long has PHP been in Service
* Mission of PHP
* How does PHP receive funding
* Affordability to clients
* Populace served
* Influence on Communities
* Common Clinical Issues
* Training programs for Employees
* New programs implemented
Pleshetta Davis answers to the questions in the...
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