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Topics: Women's rights, Feminism, Discrimination Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Gender Inequality 2
Social inequality refers to the presence of distinct social groups which are ranked one above the other in terms of factors such as prestige and wealth. They are many different types of social inequality. Inequality may be based on gender, cultural practices, or race (Mickleson, 1987). In order for something to be considered inequitable, there must be differences in benefits based on some perceived different. Gender inequalities matter not only for women, but for the entire society. Eradicating gender inequalities would drive an upswing in household income and reduce both poverty and inequality (Costa, et. al. 2008). Gender Inequality in the United States has been on the front burner for several decades now. In the 1960’s women organized typically peaceful protests demanding equal rights. They wanted equal pay for equal work. They wanted the glass ceiling destroyed. They wanted to be recognized as equal to their male counterparts. The reason that we emphasize “women’s rights” within human rights goes beyond history. Traditionally, women have not enjoyed equal access to basic human rights, protections, resources, and services. Unfortunately, gender inequality is still present in every society and remains as a huge barrier for the world. Unequal situations for women vary significantly by region, country, culture, society, and community. Also, there are various conditions and places where women are disadvantaged. The origin of the discrimination is sometimes religion, beliefs, cultural traditions or political interests. These excuses in some occasions encourage the unequal and discriminatory treatment of women, thus creating oppressed communities. Moreover, women’s categorization according to their race, sexual orientation, disabilities, economic status and some other factors triggers more and more discriminative actions in societies (Costa, et. al. 2008).

There are also two terms which explain different types of discrimination...
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