Human Services

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What are the current trends in human services delivery today?

The delivery of human services today is that the client and helper work together. The helper focuses on assisting the client to meet their needs. The helper plays a huge role in assisting the client with in a variety of responsibilities. Today, human service workers assist the whole person. Clients are empowered to take responsibility for them. Helpers can assist with clients social, psychological, and economic problems.

Human service must ask questions to find out what the problem are in a person’s life not all clients want to receive the assistance that available to them. Where I work at Village Atlanta Transitional Housing Program women have moved into the facility asking for assistance and when they are given referrals they don’t follow-up on them and when their 18 months have expired they are asking for additional time to find housing. When they have not use their time to focus on the problem. We have a social worker, counselor, and resident assistants on staffs who have counseled these ladies with problem-solving skills.

What types of problems lead people to human services?

The problem is described as a situation, event, or event that is troublesome for the client. The client can view his or her situation as a problem as to how they see it. There are many factors that lead clients to human services, such as a loss of a job, a house fire, an individual relocating to a new city or country. Clients can recognize the existence of a problem and never seek assistance from human services.

When I and my three children moved to Atlanta in 1998 I had no idea as to what problems that I would have to face. I had money in the bank and a car, but when my money ran low I found myself homeless and needed to seek shelter. I called United Way 211 for assistance I was referred to a shelter on Moreland Ave. The helpers there made referrals for me; I was able to stay at the shelter for 90...
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