Human Service Scenario Analysis

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Human Service Scenario Analysis
My human service scenario is for a white female, age 46, with three female children, ages 17, 16 and 14. The client was married for 27-years; when her husband said “he wanted a divorce, and was not willing to attend counseling because of trust issues.” He could not give any reason why he wanted a divorce; other than to say it was not her fault. This has left her and the children very confused, two of the children blame her for the upcoming divorce, the 14 year-old upset with her father. The client is working two jobs; however she cannot seen to keep all the bills paid, and the electric and gas are about to be cut off. Jane Brown the client, is feeling very overwhelmed because she has received cut off notices from the gas and electric company. The client has spoken with both companies explaining the problem however, this been going on for 3 months and are not willing to work with her any more. Winter weather is fast approaching with snow and ice in the forecast by the weekend; the family has all been sleeping and living in two rooms to conserve energy. This puts more strain on them because two of the children will not even talk to the client. The 16 year-old is bipolar, and is making life for everyone unbearable.

Mrs. Brown has family close by; however they do not communicate. The children see their grandmother at church and have told her about the gas and electric being cut off; however the grandmother said, “She would not help them.” Mrs. Brown feels that the Department of Human Service is her last hope. That is if she does not make too much money to receive help. Communication Style

The communication style would be nondirective; by saying for example: “What would be most helpful at this time?” by using nondirective opening lines, the clinician would learn what the client has done to provide food for the children and to pay the bills. Effective Working Relationship

In order to establish a working relationship with the...
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