Human Service Provider Scenarios

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According to Perdue University, a human service provider helps families in crisis stabilize their situations and restore their ability to care for themselves. This could mean providing hospice care for a terminally ill patient, helping a child find a better home with child protective services, or finding a probation office for someone who is fresh out of jail. These are just a few of the duties that a human service provider can do for needy families. In my first scenario, my client’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and needs to find a hospice to care for her. Crossroads Hospice located at 1957 Lakeside Parkway, suite 500 in Tucker, Georgia, and it seems like a great fit. Crossroads accepts people with many illnesses such as; AIDS, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. The physician on staff is there to identify the patients’ needs and the social worker assures the family and the patient that all their needs are being met. The onsite chaplain is a non-denominational spiritual guide to help both the patient and family manage their situation. Crossroads also has a bereavement counselor on site to help the family cope with the decline of health, as well as the death of their loved one. They offer a clean professional environment; with prompt round the clock care to assist with all physical and emotional needs. The staff is also trained to know where the patient stands within their illness and to keep the family informed on their health status. Crossroads are there for family, just as they are their patients. Their number is (770) 270-9896. You can also find them on the web at, In my second scenario, several clients have requested faith based support. At the Paraclete Counseling center, they offer counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Paracelete offers a wide range of services from, anger management, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and family violence. Most of the therapist and counselors there have training in...
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