Human Security in a Growing Techno World

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QUESTION: Human security in today’s fast-paced, ‘techno’ world is a myth. Discuss.


In order to answer and discuss the presented question, it is first necessary to understand the broad meaning and importance of human security. Only then can the “techno” world's impact be analyzed and presented in the correct manner. Human security can be broadly categorized into six divisions along with the general idea of national and border-related security. These divisions form the basis of the security requirements and precedents for all of humanity. These are:

* Food security
* National and Political Security
* Health security
* Economic security
* Personal security
* Community security

Each of the individual components come together to form the entire platform for human security (UNDP Human Development Report, 1994). As the question requires a need to understand human security and its sensitivity to a growing technological world, it seems appropriate to discussing technology's impact on each individual category and then bringing it together as a whole. As a result, a centrally based yet moderately divided argument can be brought forth and explained in greater detail. Human security as a concept has moved from being- in general- about strictly political and nationalistic issues, towards issues relating to humanity's problems regarding its insecurities in day to day life (UNDP Human Development Report, 1994). The advent of the Internet can be considered one of the most important events of the 20th century. Its importance in leading the way to previously unimagined heights of acquiring knowledge and superior communication has meant that it has caused humanity to change its living means drastically (Guangrong, 1998). This great change in the manner of living and greater access to the world at large brings good as well as bad. In this essay, the “bad” of hampered security will be discussed.

Breaking down Human Security

Human security as a definition cannot be judged by only one absolute component. Therefore, the six components mentioned previously have to be tackled individually first. “The battle of peace has to be fought on two fronts. The first is the security front where victory spells freedom from fear. The second is the economic and social front where victory means freedom from want. Only victory on both fronts can assure the world of an enduring peace” (UNDP Human Development Report, 1994). This makes it clear that security in itself is prevalent in many forms and is the truest indicator of freedom, from fear or want. In traditional terms, market economics was considered as the path towards achieving a state of freedom,security and economic growth. However, through time and the advents of many conflicts, the need for a more communal and individual path of attaining security was focused upon (Thomas, 2001). The coming of the Internet and the growth of cyberspace has further expanded the case for human security and its needs and issues.

National or Political Security and Cyberspace

This can be considered the primary form of security that humanity as a whole requires. Without national and border security, all other freedoms are null and void. As a result, it is highly important to understand the impact of today's fast-paced “techno” world on national security. The origin of the internet and the father of what we now consider cyberspace, comes from a research project funded by the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in the early 1960s. It was formed primarily as a national security measure in order to monitor and secure its areas of interest against foreign infiltration and attack (Chapman, 1998). It is widely understood that the specific reasons for launching this network was to protect United States interests from possible nuclear attacks. The RAND (Research and Development) Corporation, which...
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