Human Sacrifice of the Aztecs

Topics: Aztec, Mesoamerica, Human sacrifice Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Lauren Finkelstein
Early American
In this chapter I found a lot of it to be very interesting. The Aztecs have always grabbed my attention in the history of knowing who they were and reasons behind their human sacrifices and social classes. What fascinated me about the cosmic mission theory, also known as the human sacrifice, was how these once humans thought that killing another human would benefit them in a spiritual way. This theory was basically feed humans to the sun to maintain its heat, light and life. The sun, according to the Aztecs, was the life in the heavens and when it went “dim,” and grew dreary, the hearts from humans was the only life that would brighten the sun and energize it with life. It was on a daily routine these rituals were performed, or when a catastrophic event occurred. The social classes and “ranking” system the Aztecs had was also interesting. In order, from highest to lowest, the Aztecs ranked there society from Techutli, pochteca, tolteca,macehualtin, and last but not least the tlatalcotin. The Tecuhtli, were drawn from the leading generals, only people in this rank are allowed to be elected to emperor. The Pochteca, known as the merchant caste. The Aztec empire relied on the Pchteca for its material needs only. The Macehualitn, were commoners. They had certain civil rights. Such as Men owning land, children going to school, etc. And on the bottom, Tlatlacotin, were the slaves. They were owned by others but were housed, clothed, and fed like ordinary citizens, These slaves were not your usual slaves, they weren’t abused or treated bad, they were able to collect money as working as slaves, and they were able to buy land, houses, and even slaves for their personal selves.
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