Human Rights Violations

Topics: Human rights, North Korea, Rwandan Genocide Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Violation of Human Rights




June 15, 2012

Why are Human Rights being violated in the world? Human rights are rights that allow people to have property, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights should be given the day we are born and should be respected. Human rights violations have happened till the present day around the world, in Rwanda with a genocide, in Uganda with the abuse and abduction of children, and in N. Korea with the mistreat of its people. Human rights are being violated because of power, greed, and a corrupt government.

The first human violation we will examine is in Rwanda during April-June, 1994. The Hutus killed almost 1,000,000 Tutsis in a period of 100 days, creating one of the largest genocides in history. After the conquer of Belgium on Rwanda, the groups living there, the Hutus and the Tutsis, have disliked each other. Belgium created I.D. Cards to differentiate the Hutus and the Tutsis. Belgium considered the Tutsis to be superior for many years. The Hutus hated that fact and therefore hated the Tutsis. After Belgium left Hutus took over the country and treated the Tutsis like “roaches”. It was then when the genocide started.

Because the Tutsis were superior to the Hutus, they had better jobs and better education. After the takeover of the the Hutus, their hate for the Tutsis increased and they treated them really bad and blamed them for every bad thing. Years later the Hutu president was killed on an airplane explosion. This created a great impact on the Hutus and they obviously blamed the Tutsis. This is when Hutus started to kill as many Tutsis as they could. Tutsis had no chance to fight against the Hutus. The U.N. tried to get involved , but wasn’t worth it because they had really small troops and were not allowed to shoot anyone, in other words, the U.N. could not stop the genocide from happening. After the death of 10 of its people, the U.N....
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