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Topics: Human rights, International trade, World Trade Organization Pages: 8 (2764 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Human Rights in the Case of Globalization and Economic Liberalization Thesis statement: Despite the changing world scenario and globalization and economic liberalization, the inalienable nature of human rights cannot be emphasized enough and should rather be protected at all costs since it requires more vigilance in today’s volatile and changing times.

“If the public discourse of peacetime global society can be said to have a common moral language, it is that of human rights.”- Charles Beitz One of the many challenges facing our world today is identifying the fundamental prerequisite conditions of a minimally good life, so that each human life is able to lead a life with dignity. Of these, the greatest is the one of protecting these rights regardless of individuals and their political, economic and cultural identities and the systems to which they belong. The equal inherent dignity of every human being needs to be respected and promoted. Before understanding the impact of global changes and economic liberalizations on these fundamental rights, it is essential to understand the meaning of human rights. To some they are simply rights which accrue to a human being by virtue of the fact that they are human. However, it is the inalienable nature of these rights which must be emphasized since it is this quality which gives them such a distinct character. The term “inalienable rights” refers to a set of rights which are fundamental, not awarded by a human power and cannot be surrendered. Human rights are thus universal and egalitarian, in that they are applicable everywhere and are the same for everyone. The word “rights” in the phrase “human rights” is what one should look toward when attempting to find the true meaning of human rights in the myriad of possibilities that exist. These rights are simply guarantees that people in all cultures and all countries have simply because they are people. Giving these guarantees the nomenclature of “rights” suggests that they attach to individuals who can invoke them, that they are high priority, and that compliance with them is mandatory and not discretionary. Thus the term, “human rights” can be simply elaborated as, moral guarantees accruing to beings with reason. Although human rights are divided into categories according to their nature and the priority given to them, the fact remains that they are indivisible and that they entail both rights and obligations. The improvement of one facilitates the advancement of others. Thus the primary objective of human rights in today’s context should be to secure for individuals, the necessary conditions for leading a minimally good life. Human Rights In Today’s World

Individuals are not responsible for the incidence of their birth. Whether they are born into a wealthy and secure nation, or into a poor one is beyond each individual’s control. In today’s post-ideological, geo-political order , ideologies dominated by human rights provide the common framework for determining the basic economic, political and social conditions for all individuals to lead a minimally good life. In the face of global changes, the world is getting smaller and there is a larger amount of interaction between people of different cultures, languages and ethnicities. In such a scenario, the ideology of tolerance and the idea of protection of human rights come to the fore as the most viable solution for a stable world order. Moreover, human rights themselves are dependent on the global nature of today’s world in order to survive and progress. Public authorities, both national and international are identified today being typically best placed to secure the conditions of a nominally good life to human beings. The human rights doctrine is essential and significant by virtue of the fact that it not only determines what is required for a minimally good life, but also tells all individuals the basic moral guarantees which they have a right to expect not just of one...
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