Human Rights in Iran

Topics: Human rights, Women's rights, Sociology Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Is Iran A Threat to International Security?

Human rights in Iran are not very respected.

Women in Iran and their rights:
Although women can vote and run for Parliament, if they do not follow the social norms, they are subject to beatings and torture for violating the norms.

Although women do have certain rights, their rights are limited: A woman inherits half of the share of her brothers.
A woman needs her husband’s permission to work outside
the home or to leave the country.

Norms: In Iran, the women must wear a hijab and their dress code requires them to cover their bodies with a long body coat. If they do not respect the dress code à

A frequent form of public punishment for Iranian women are “Honour killings” “Honour killings” are when women are murdered usually by their own relatives when they believe that whatever offence they committed has brought “dishonour” to the family. Burning


Despite the official ban on torture, in 2005, the following methods of inhumane treatment were reported as “common” practice in Iranian prisons: Beatings of the eyes, ears, back, and feet
Hanging by the arms and legs
Burning with cigarettes
Sleep deprivation

There are death sentences for social and political offences including: apostasy (when someone abandons their religion)
blasphemy (taking god’s name in vain)
repeated sodomy (unnatural sex ex: oral or anal sex)


How does Human Rights Abuses connect to the question?
-Promotes violence, inequality, no rights for women.
-Instability and fear in the country.
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