Human Rights in Eu

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The Human Rights in European Union
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1. Introduction 2
2. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of European Union3 3. The Council o Europe4
4. Main human rights treaties and bodies6
1. The European Court of Human Rights6
2. The European Commission of Human Rights8
3. The European Social Charter8
4. The European Committee of Social Rights 10
5. Conclusion 12
6. Sources 13

1. Introduction

The human rights are one of the main values in the European Union as democracy and legal state. These values are in the basic agreement and they were strengthened when the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms was accepted. The countries which want to be members of the European Union have to follow these human rights. Also the countries which have some trade or other agreements have to follow the human rights of the European Union. For the European Union are the human rights universally valid and indivisible. The European Union defends and promotes the human right in European Union but also in the countries in Third World. The European Union emphasis on the civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights. At the same time the European Union focuses on the women’s and children’s rights and also on the minority’s rights.

2. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of European Union

During the meeting of the European Council on June in 1999, the European Council decided about writing of document which will be summary of human rights for citizens in European Union. The Charter of Fundamental Rights was based on the international conventions but the Charter also includes the constitutional tradition of member states and the declaration of the European Parliament.

The Charter of Fundamental Rights started to be written in 17th December 1999. On December in 2000 the European Commission and the European Parliament declared the Charter of Fundamental Rights during the meeting of the European Council in Nica and every single member state of EU have to follow this Charter. Since 2001 the European Parliament has submit report. These reports are about following of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in every member state of EU and they are published every year. The Charter of Fundamental Rights was changed on 12th December 2007 because the institutions of EU started to discuss about the Lisbon Treaty. The inclusion of the fundamental rights in the Lisbon Treaty will mean that, if the Treaty enters into force, the European institutions and the member states will be legally bound to uphold them.

At first the Charter of Fundamental Rights was proposed as part of Treaty establishing a Constitution of Europe but it wasn’t approved in referendum in Netherlands and in France. Now the Charter of Fundamental Rights is part of the Lisbon Treaty.

The Charter of Fundamental Rights is composed of the Preamble, seven chapters and fifty-four articles. The first chapter is called Dignity. This chapter has five articles about human dignity, right to life, right to the integrity of the person, prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, prohibition of slavery and forced labour. The second chapter includes fourteen articles and this chapter is Freedoms. It’s about right to liberty and security, respect for private and family life, protection of personal data, right to marry and right to found a family, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of expression and information, freedom of assembly and of association, freedom of the arts and sciences, right to education, freedom to choose an occupation and right to engage in work, freedom to conduct a business, right to property, right to asylum, protection in the event of removal, expulsion or...
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