Human Rights: For the Unborn Child

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Human Rights: For the Unborn Children

"In Canada, there are about 330,000 lives birth each year, and about 110,000 abortions." One hundred ten thousand abortions that statistic is not only unbelievable but shocking and heart breaking one-third of lives that are given and are meant to have a place on this world get aborted. This to me is very upsetting, that is why I have chosen to discuss and raise awareness for the Human Rights for the Unborn Children, since they do not have a voice I believe that I should be there voice.

Abortion has been such a very big issue in this generation and decade, but it seems like most people don’t care about this and act like it is not a big issue when really it is. Most couples now a days can not conceive a child due to certain reasons like, same sex, genetic problems and even physical problems. When these couples realize they can’t conceive a child it breaks their heart, mean while other people are aborting their unborn children when other loving and caring couples can nourish them. The people that abort their unwanted children are mostly under the age of 25, some due to separation from their ex spouse or unmarried, other are poor and feel that they don’t have the necessities to raise a child, and a 90% majority state personal reasons.

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People such as Tory MP Stephen Woodworth have been trying to rewrite the Canadian laws to extend Human Rights to unborn children, Woodworth’s reasons for this is because he argues at the fact the law in the Criminal Code hasn’t been updated since the 1700s and at that time there was only a “limited amount of knowledge” The Criminal Code defines a child, as a human being only when it can breathe on its own and is served from the umbilical cord. I do agree with Woodworth’s comments and facts, I hope that this law can be extended along with many other people supporting this law. We won’t know until March, then June again followed by the votes of the Commons, hopefully...
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