Human Rights Essay

Topics: United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: January 22, 2014

Human Rights

“Gender equality must become a lived reality.” For centuries, women have been discriminated due to their gender; viewed less than man. Being stripped of their born rights; laws that denied woman the right to hold property, to enter occupations, to go to school, to vote. And for years, society withstood this way of living and accepted it. Since then, there has been a significant movement toward gender equality, but large inequalities remain in the U.S. and especially throughout the world.

Before the 1900’s in the U.S., women had no political rights or legal rights because they were only viewed as secondary in the household to man, considered property you may say. The United States have made a vast improvement on resolving this matter, but in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Nepal, Sudan, Mali and Saudi Arabia; matters have only gotten worse. Women go through constant abuse; In Nepal if a woman is raped or assaulted the perpetrators are not punished nor arrested, some places even condone these types of behavior. Most of these woman are forced into prostitution as well. Other places restrict woman from the right to an education and there are even places that don’t allow women to drive a vehicle. There are people who look at gender equality as a joke, that gender equality is a waste of time, that the way women are treated is perfectly fine; we can call them the ignorant people. But then theres the other people, who don’t ignore the facts, they know that this is wrong and actually try to make a difference. One person being, Malala Yousafzai.

Despite improvements in the last few years, Pakistan’s education system is still inefficient especially to women. There are more than 25 million under 16 that are out of school, and more then half the girls in school drop out due to the poor quality of education and the fact that schools are not inclusive of communities they serve. In 2009, the Taliban (...
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